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The ‘European Artistic Crafts Days‘ Finally Come to Berlin

March 31st, 2014

News from Berlin - The ‘European Artistic Crafts Days’ takes place this weekend in Berlin. The event, which lays its focus on European handicraft, will commence from April 4th to 6th and will be held in the German capital for the first time. The occasion, which is held annually on the first weekend of April, will be observed in numerous European countries at the same time including France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Latvia, Portugal, Ireland and Switzerland. The initiative and will to set up the ‘European Artistic Crafts Days’ can be found in France and, more specifically, in the French Ministry for Crafts. Here, the idea to hold such a happening was first presented and then realized in 2002 at the first ‘Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art’. The general aim is to present artists and their work to a broader public. Ten years after the first edition in 2002, the Artistic Crafts Days in France encompassed almost 3000 workshops from 22 regions whilst also expanding to numerous other European countries.

Berlin’s edition will encompass approximately 90 locations such as galleries, schools, museums and workshops with numerous smaller-scale exhibitions and showings taking place. These include fashion shows, workshops, presentations and educational courses. The opening ceremony will take place in the art section of the Berliner Volksbank and display French and German artisanal works. In general, it can be said that the event, with its international character, helps audiences experience art and handicraft from different cultures. Interest in the event in Berlin is considerable and, especially since admission to all showings is free, it is expected that many people will take the time to visit one of the locations.

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