The EU National Institute for Culture In Berlin Organizes the Babylon Europa Festival 2023

A Cultural Extravaganza of Music, Dance, Word Art and Circus

May 16th, 2023
Daniela Desantis, News from Berlin
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On May 27, the EU Institute for Culture in Berlin will present the BABYLON EUROPA, a festival of diversity featuring artists from 11 European regions and countries at ufaFabrik in Berlin.

The BABYLON EUROPA cultural show brings together music, dance, word art, and new circus performances to celebrate the diversity and cultural identity of Europe. As a partner event of the Carnival of Cultures, the sixth edition of BABYLON EUROPA will present artists from 11 different regions and countries of Europe on May 27 at ufaFabrik in Berlin with free admission.

The audience can expect a diverse and impressive show entitled "Home in a Backpack." Actors on stage develop the program together over two days in creative exchanges and laboratory discussions at the ufaFabrik venue. The program of the show ranges from overwhelming rhythms, jazz, electronic beats, and folk with musicians Melanie Isaac (Belgium/Wallonia-Brussels), Sascha Ley (Luxembourg), Patryk Cutajar (Malta), Alicia Edelweiß (Austria), Oana Chitu Trio (Romania), Pantaloons (Slovenia), Vera Jonas (Hungary), Clara Pazzini (France) through poetic word art with Tomas Sramek (Slovakia) to breathtaking dances and acrobatics of Carminda Soares and Maria R. Soares (Portugal) and Hedda Liukkala (Finland).

BABYLON EUROPA is an ode to the cultural diversity of Europe that blurs artistic genres and geographical boundaries. The very personal definitions of home and individual searches for it meet in an energetic and creative atmosphere. As in previous years, a show band will accompany the artists and the audience throughout the evening and unite the different styles and sounds into a unique performance. This year, it is the Berlin-based band The Swag that has been inviting people to the Swag Jam at Badehaus Szimpla every Tuesday for many years. The band inspires with their mix of hip-hop, soul, R'n'B, electro, and afrobeat as the global musical language of the evening.

The Show Concept of “Home in a Backpack” is that all artists not only perform together but also work together on the show during two days of rehearsals at the ufaFabrik venue, where they eat and spend the night. In the rooms of ufaFabrik, they exchange ideas intensely and have things in their backpacks that mean home to them: an object or a sound. As part of this work, they creatively explore what they individually and collectively associate with the concept of home in the sense of a European identity, what role the things they brought with them play in this and present their results.

Lastly, BABYLON EUROPA is a project of EUNIC Berlin and is curated and produced by buero doering - Fachhandel für Zeiten GmbH. The event is part of the program of the Carnival of Cultures and is organized with the kind support of the Representation of the EU Commission in Germany and the Senate Chancellery of the Mayor of Berlin.


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