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The Embassy of Zambia in Berlin

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Amb. Winnie Natala Chibesakunda



The Federal Republic of Germany has maintained diplomatic relations with Zambia since the latter gained independence on 24th of October 1964. Zambia is one of the partner countries of German development cooperation.

In 2014 German imports from Zambia were worth a total of EUR 23.57 million. In the same year German exports to Zambia totaled approximately EUR 80.56 million. Zambia has a keen interest in and a high regard for German products, particularly motor vehicles, mechanical engineering and chemical products. The following bilateral economic agreements are in place: agreement signed 10th of December 1966 on the promotion and mutual protection of investments; double taxation agreement signed 30th of May 1975; air transport agreement of 22nd October 1996.

Zambia is a partner country of German development cooperation. The principal objectives of German-Zambian cooperation are reducing poverty, developing good governance and improving overall social and political conditions. Development cooperation focuses on two areas: water and sanitation; good governance including the components: a) decentralization and local governance, b) citizen participation in reform processes and poverty reduction and c) good financial governance, development of agriculture, energy supply, and the protection of biodiversity.

Additional funding is provided for the cross-cutting sectors of human rights protection, gender equality, environmental and resource protection and HIV/AIDS prevention. Between 2007 and 2014 Germany provided general budget support together with six other donors to help implement Zambia’s national development strategy. In addition the Federal Government supports the work of several non-governmental organizations in Zambia as well as that of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, which has its own office in Lusaka and is conducting a number of socio-political measures in Zambia.

Germany’s cultural cooperation with Zambia focuses on the following areas: sport (short- and long-term coaches, donations of equipment and the organization of youth football tournaments); a long-term coach for track and field athletics has been seconded to Zambia since July 2012; information trips to and further-training measures in Germany for representatives of Zambia’s political, cultural and media sectors; support of Zambian artists.