The Embassy of Tunisia mourns the Death of President Essebsi

President Essebsi has passed away

July 30th, 2019
Aisosa Erhahon, News from Berlin
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The Embassy of Tunisia announces the 26 July as a National Day of mourning on behave of the death of President Essebsi, who was 92 years old.

The death of President Essebsi on 26 July has marked the Tunisia Embassy in Berlin visibly and has motioned them to even cancel several events, which were supposed to be presented on 26 July. The mourning has been set for 7-days. After these days the Embassy announces to take back on its daily routine.

Essebsi was the first freely elected President in Tunisia and was in power for 5 years. He has had to grapple with both political and economic issues faced by Tunisia. Now, Mohamed Ennaceur, the Head of Parliament, will take over after the national mourning days.

The presentation of the movie “Aziz go Narcisse”, which was previously set for the 26 July, will be postponed.


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