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The Embassy of Somalia


Address: Rheinstraße 10, D-12159 Berlin, Germany

Tel.: (+49) (0) 3023630010

E-mail: berlinembassy@mfa.gov.so

The Ambassador

Mohamed Mohamud Tifow

Somalia - Mohamed Mohamud Tifow.jpg

Amb. Mohamed Mohamud Tifow was appointed as the Ambassador of Somalia to the Federal Republic of Germany on March 12th 2008.



The Embassy of Somalia serves to maintain the bilateral relations between Somalia and Germany, as well as the representation of Somali interests in the Federal Republic.

The Consular Department of the Somali Embassy in Berlin processes passports and administrative matters for Somali nationals who are resident in Germany.

Since the establishment of the new Somali government in September 2012, there has been a positive dynamic between the two states. The democratization, already advanced in some Somali regions, is co-funded by Germany.

Germany participates in all missions of the EU Common Security and Defence Policy in the Horn of Africa: an EU training and advisory mission for Somali forces EUTM Somalia, the training mission for coastguards in the region EUCAP NESTOR and the naval operation to combat piracy, EUNAVFOR ATALANTA.