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The Embassy of Paraguay holds a Meeting with the Business Association for America Latina

Representatives of (LAV) meet with the ambassador to prepare an agenda together

June 14th, 2016

May 26th, 2016- A Meeting was held at the residence of the Embassy including the following participants: Ambassador Fernando Ojeda, the Minister of Embassy Roberto Maidana, and representatives of the Business Association for Latin America (LAV ) like Christoph Schmitt, LAV General Manager and Simon Balzart.

The meeting was held with the scope of the mission of the embassy to plan, coordinate and implement a policy aimed to promote the country by strengthening the bilateral relations between the two countries foreign policies. The plan of the embassy is to be an efficient, professional and transparent body with internal leadership for managing the country's foreign policy, placing Paraguay among the most efficient countries in food producing, opening and connecting the world.

This meeting was held with the aim of carrying out a jointly agenda between the Embassy of Paraguay in Germany and the Business Association for Latin America. The ambassador, which completed his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics at the National University of Asuncion and won the title of economist, took office as Ambassador of the Republic of Paraguay to the Federal Republic of Germany in February 2015. He has always worked very close with the Business Association for Latin America.

The Business Association for Latin America (LAV) was founded in 1916 by merchants in Hamburg and Breme. The Business Association for Latin America stands as the enterprise network and information platform for the German economic sector with interests in Latin America.

The association supports all business branches in the initiation and development of activities related with business in Latin America and the Caribbean and encourages the economic, political and social relations between Germany and the countries of the Latin American region. As well, the association also offers support in the economic debate around Latin America, promotes and initiates professional meetings, connects economic players on both sides, deepening contacts between decision-makers and is a constituent component of the German Economic Initiative for Latin America (LAI).

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