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The Embassy of Nicaragua in Berlin


Address: Joachim-Karnatz-Allee 45, 10557  Berlin, Germany

Tel.: +49 (30) 206 43 80

E-mail: info@embanic.de


The Ambassador

Amb. Tatiana Daniela García Silva


Amb. Tatiana Daniela García Silva was born in 1988, and has been the Ambassador of the Republic of Nicaragua to the Federal Republic of Germany since 27th March 2019.

Silva conducted her studies in Leipzig, Germany in 2005 and ’06. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Arts in Political Science and History at the Technical University Dresden, and her Master’s in Public Administration, Public Policies and Local Development at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua.
In 2013, she became Deputy Director of the Directorate of Ceremonial and Protocol at the Minrex. Between 2013 and 2014 she worked as Head of the Directorate of Youth Participation, then Head of the Directorate of North America at Minrex. After working as General Manager for the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Managua, Nicaragua until 2019, she was delegated as Ambassador to Germany.

Amb. Silva speaks German, English, Italian, French and Russian.



Besides the German Embassy, the following German institutions are active in Nicaragua: the German-Nicaraguan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the bilingual German School, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the KfW Development Bank and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Since the 1980s, 43 town twinning arrangements have been in place between Nicaragua and Germany, making an important contribution to bilateral relations. In addition, more than 20 German non-governmental organisations are in operation in Nicaragua. There are close historical ties between the two countries, especially through German immigration during the 19th century. This German influence can be felt even today, particularly in the coffee-growing region in northern Nicaragua. There are some 1,000 German nationals living in Nicaragua and several hundred Nicaraguans in Germany.

Trade between the two countries is developing slowly but steadily. In 2014, it was worth just under EUR 90 million, making Germany one of Nicaragua’s principal European trading partners. Nicaragua’s main exports to Germany are agricultural products and its main imports are manufactured goods. Nicaragua records a negative balance of trade with Germany. A German-Nicaraguan investment protection and promotion agreement has been in place since 2001.

A growing number of German tourists are discovering the land of lakes and volcanoes as a holiday destination. Around 16,000 Germans currently visit Nicaragua every year. The German companies Ritter Sport and Dräxlmaier are among Nicaragua’s biggest employers.