The Embassy of Mexico Supports the 5th Usina of Short Screenplays in Berlin

The Usina of Short Screenplays is celebrating its 5th birthday

April 09th, 2024
Marina R. Ferrández Esclapez, News from Berlin
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Organized by the Cervantes Institute of Berlin in collaboration with uruaFilms, the Institute of Culture and the Mexican Embassy in Germany, the Plant provides a platform for creation and reflection to work intensively and personalized in the development of script projects over a period of six months, also adding an exchange experience in the city of Berlin.

It offers Spanish-speaking authors from all over the world the opportunity to work intensively on the development of their projects in space for creation, reflection and exchange for five months, from May to September, in an environment designed to foster professional collaboration and the development of quality scripts.

The Usina selects up to nine projects each year, which are developed from their embryonic phase in two stages of work, one online and the other in person. In the first stage – between May and August – each participant elaborates and deepens their initial idea through argumentative, aesthetic and thematic research with personalized tutorials and online masterclasses. In the second stage – in September – the participants meet for two intensive days at the Instituto Cervantes in Berlin to share, analyze and reflect on their projects already in an advanced stage, enriching them even more through the exchange of ideas and perspectives, as well as fostering links between the participants with the aim of generating new avenues of collaboration. In October, at the end of the program, a Jury of specialists awards one of the resulting scripts, which receives support for its realization in the city of Berlin.

The deadline to participate was 29th of March, so the selected projects will begin working in May with individual advice and group classes. María Meira says: "The first stage is more solitary, introspective, reflective. The second is an instance of exchange, where ideas will grow, are strengthened and gain more meaning”.


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