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The Embassy of Mauritania in Berlin


Address: Königin-Luise Straße 9, D- 14195 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 206 58 83

E-mail: info@mauretanien-embassy.de


The Ambassador

Mohamad Mahmoud Ould Brahim Khlil

Mauritania - Mouhamed Mahmoud Brahim Khlil.jpg

Amb. Mohamad Mahmoud Ould Brahim Khlil presented his credentials to the Director-General on March 7th 2014.

Amb. Ould Brahim Khlil attended high school in Nouakchott. After finishing school he began working in the Mauritanian Press Agency (current Mauritanian Information Agency) until 1985, after which he joined the Organization of Radio and Television Mauritania. In 1989 he quit his job to complete his studies in Russia, where he received his Doctorate in Philosophy at the Maurice Thorez Moscow Institute, and the International Academy Communication and Information Technologies in Minsk.

In the Mauritanian administration Amb. Ould Brahim Khlil has served as Adviser to the Minister of Communications and Relations with Parliament, First Counselor in the Mauritanian embassy in Paris and Ambassador to Unesco and Jordan. In 2007 he was Minister for Relations with Parliament and Civil Society and in 2008 he served as Minister of Crafts and Tourism and Relations with Parliament, following the election of President Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi. After the coup of August 2008 he remained loyal to the deposed president.

In the government established by the military junta, he was replaced as Minister for Relations, with Parliament by Mohamed Ould Mohamed Abderrahmane Ould Moine.




Political relations between Germany and Mauritania are good. Germany is seen as a reliable partner on account of its constant presence there and its development aid programme. Germany has been providing development aid to Mauritania since the 1960s. The volume of bilateral trade between the two countries is modest and Germany’s principal import from Mauritania is iron ore. Its main exports to the country are machinery and motor vehicles.

In its long-standing development cooperation with Mauritania, Germany ranks third among bilateral donors, after France and Japan. German development cooperation with Mauritania focuses on two priority areas: pnvironmental Policy, protection and sustainable use of natural resources (including fisheries); and democracy, civil society and public administration (good governance). There are only around 300 Mauritanians studying in Germany (mainly engineering subjects). Mauritanian radio cooperates with the German broadcaster, Deutsche Welle.