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The Embassy of Israel in Berlin


Address: Auguste-Viktoria-Str. 74-76, 14193 Berlin

Tel.: +49 030 89045500

Fax: +49 030 89045309

E-mail: botschaft@israel.de


The Ambassador

Amb. Ron Prosor


Born on 11 October 1958 in Kfar Saba, Israel, Prosorb 1955 in London, married to Laura Kam, two sons and a daughter. bachelor's degree and a master's degree in Political Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

During his service as a spokesman for the embassy in Bonn, he was one of the first Israeli representatives to establish ties with East Germany and, after its unification with West Germany, he worked to establish relations with the new federal states in its territory. He later served as the spokesman for the Israeli Embassy in London. He became a political advisor to the Israeli Embassy in Washington (19982002) and participated in the Israeli delegation to the negotiations prior to the signing of the Wye Agreement and took part in the Camp David delegation in 2000. From 2007 and 2011, he served as Israel's Ambassador to the United Kingdom, as Israel's Permanent Representative to the United Nations from 2011 to 2015, and in 2022 Prosor was appointed Israel's ambassador to Germany.



Relations between Germany and Israel is strong and mainly founded in their shared social values ​​and the long and sometimes tragic history of the Jewish communities in Europe. This connection between the two countries is expressed through a wide range of economic, cultural, scientific, technological and political activities and in constant dialogue with heads of state, ministers, parliamentarians and public figures.

Diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel were first officially established in May 1965. From then, they have developed into a strong relationship. A sustained contribution to this, is the 'German-Israeli Future Forum', which was founded in 2005 and was initiated on the 40th anniversary of German-Israeli relations.

Regarding economic relations, Germany is Israel's second largest trading partner after the US, and Israel is Germany's second largest trading partner in the Middle East. Currently, their main goal is to promote and strengthen the cooperation between small and medium enterprises, as well as to increase investment and projects in the areas of energy efficiency, environmental technology and life sciences.

The German-Israeli cultural relations have grown in recent decades. The first contact between the cultures was done before the official establishment of diplomatic relations. Nowadays, the cultural exchange between Israel and Germany is mainly done in the areas of film, literature, theater, music and visual arts.