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Jane Hughes Opens Solo Exhibition at the Irish Embassy in Berlin

The Embassy of Ireland, Berlin presents Gods & Demons of the Forest

December 11th, 2014

Jane Hughes, an Irish born visual artist and curator opened a solo exhibition titled “Gods & Demons of the Forest”, a series of new drawings and video works that she produced daily over a period of 44 consecutive days in the forests of Sweden.

On December 10th, Jane Hughes officially opened her solo exhibition at the Embassy of Ireland in Berlin. Her latest work entitled “Gods & Demons of the Forest” presents a series of new drawings and video works that were produced over a period of 44 consecutive days and nights, during the season approaching the Summer Solstice in an old growth forest in the South of Sweden.

To conduct her work she investigated remote landscapes, depopulated areas and dense forests. She presented a video of a time-lapse and drawings that are a replica of the photographs. Hughes is particularly interested in the unique experience of the twilight hours in the Nordic Countries and the space between penetrable blackness and pitch dark. She first takes photographs and timelapses of the location and then copies the image onto a drawing.

Jane Hughes was born in Ireland, but lives and works in Berlin and Finland. She is a member of the Berlin Artists Association, Berliner Pool, Irish Artists Association and WerkStadt, Art & Cultural Project Space. She obtained her Masters Degree from Aalto University in Helsinki in Environmental Art. Hughes got her inspiration for this exhibition during a 5-week stay in a forest in Sweden, and it is here that she decided to experiment with nature and lights.

There were two types of drawings presented on this opening night; the first collection was of small dark, black and white drawings, where you need to focus on details to really fully see what is presented in the drawing; and a collection of bigger drawings in color that presented negatives of the photos. Guests also had an opportunity to taste some Irish delights at the Embassy and get acquainted with Irish cider while talking to the artist herself about her inspirational journey. The exhibition will be running until February 10th, 2015 at the Embassy of Ireland. 


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