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The Embassy of India Hosts a Special Evening Focused on Healing Sounds

Indian mantras and songs promote Indian culture and cultural understanding in Berlin

August 18th, 2016
Patricia Hurducas, News from Berlin

The Embassy of India in Berlin will host on September 8th a special event entitled “Healing Sounds/ Heilende Klängemitvedischen Mantren” dedicated to Indian spiritual music. Music has always played an important role in displaying cultural diplomacy and even more in the case of India, where music is one of the pillars of its cultural heritage.

This event is one of many other musical cultural events that took place at the Embassy of India, where Indian culture is presented and promoted to the audience in Berlin.

Apart from being an important instrument in cultural understanding between nations, music shows through rhythm and melodies the specific and unique way a culture perceives and understands the world. In the case of Indian music, mantras clearly play an important role into displaying the core of Indian culture. The Vedic music focuses on positive vibrations and spreading harmony to the mind and body.

During the event organized by the Indian embassy the audience will have the pleasure to listen to Shriguru Balaji També, a legend in Ayurvedic music, where therapy and healing play an essential role. For over 30 years he played his Healing Sounds for audiences in Europe and India, showing that Indian music is enjoyed and appreciated in the Western world just as much as in the Eastern one. 

His music is famous because he sings the ancient Indian mantras, which are known all over the world for their healing capabilities. Mantras are sequence of words in prose that contain praise and are believed to have religious, magical or spiritual efficiency. They can be meditated upon, recited, muttered or sung in a ritual. The highlight of the concert is the mantra “AUM”, which adds a meditative effect to the concert.

For all of those who are fascinated by Indian culture and want to enjoy an evening where Indian music is celebrated, this event will offer them the possibility to connect with Indian culture and see how music promotes cultural diplomacy at its best.

The event is free of charge and open to citizens with valid Indian, German or other valid ID cards/passports, having German stay permits. EU citizens may carry copies of their local registration certificate.  For more information regarding this event, it’s possible to contact the Embassy of India.


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