The Embassy Meets the Researcher

Developing the community and building bridges

April 13th, 2018
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The Italian Embassy promotes cultural events for young people

The Italian embassy in Berlin is involved in many events regarding cultural diplomacy with the aim of building bridges with different cultures.

One of the main types of events that the Italian embassy to Berlin organizes periodically are events aimed for young people.

These events are aimed to encourage the exchange between young professionals and people who have just arrived in the city of Berlin. The embassy hopes to achieve this through a series of events dedicated to promoting a dialogue and the sharing of ideas and experiences.

This initiative is bringing the community closer together while at the same time addressing the present realities and difficulties that the Italian youth in the capital must deal with. The main aim is being reached through offering services which facilitates networking amongst young people and providing useful information about the opportunities offered by the current market. They also offer information on how to navigate through life in Germany and the difficulties that come from living in a new country.

The most common form these events take are public debates among young Italians already working in Berlin. The debates are done with the moderation of a specialist in the sector or, where appropriate, a journalist.

One of the big characteristics of this youth initiative, is that it does not end with the meeting at the embassy. Instead it continues by promoting networking among the participants, so as to encourage the development of virtual “communities”, which can stay in touch and get involved even in subsequent events.

Some of the past events were for example meetings with young musicians, young Europeans, theatre and other various cultural icons. One of the upcoming events is the, “The Embassy Meets the Researcher,” in which many notable scientists from many different scientific fields will participate.

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