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The Cycling Festival Europe 2016: Sharing Best Practices from All Over Europe.

"Let's have A Day For The Bicycle"

May 17th, 2016

During the Dutch presidency of the European Council, the Netherlands is providing a stage to promote its cycling culture in all european cities and countries. Several activities will be organized and sponsored with the aim of raising awarenenss to local politicians and citizens and better integrate bicycles into everyday urban transportation systems. (Full program can be found here

On April 14th 2016, all 28 EU Ministers for environment and transport met in Amsterdam, where they received a ‘cycling promotion guide’ with listed all the best European practices to help promoting cycling in their country. This festival aims to increase the number of kilometers done by bicycle in all European capitals, helping to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. From April 14th to June 30th several events and activities about the "cycling culture" will be organized by the Dutch embassies in collaboration with local partners.

The Dutch want to show to the rest of Europe that cycling can represent a huge step towards healthier cities to live in. As Sanne Westra, coordinator of the Festival, affirmed: “I hope that through this Cycling Festival Europe politicians will realize that promoting and increasing cycling as a mode of transport benefits all users of roads and public spaces, [...] I have been cycling since I was a child, and this experience of freedom is what I wish for all children growing up.”

The Netherlands has always been a cycling country with more bicycles than people and through this event is providing a stage to spread its culture, presenting innovations in the field of cycling. In this way, people from all over Europe can learn and better connect to each other. According to the dutch, "joining forces, crossing borders and sharing best practices will make all the difference in Europe".


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Jessica Sama, Culture, Berlin Global