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The Christmas Meeting of Representants of Polish and German Business

Polish and German business meeting together

December 04th, 2014
The Polish Department of Trade and Investment of the Embassy of Republic of Poland organized a meeting on December 2nd 2014. The event took place at the Ministry of Baden-Wurrtemberg in Berlin. The meeting was an occasion to discuss the bilateral relations between Germany and Poland.

A Meeting with a Christmas Atmosphere

Almost three hundred guests took part in the Christmas Meeting. Among them were German and Polish entrepreneurs, professionals from German federal offices, representatives of Polish Voivodeship and mayors of Polish cities. The event was opened by the Chief of the Polish Department of Trade and Investment, Jacek Robak. The Ambassador of Poland Jerzy Margański gave her remarks about current political and economic relations between Germany and Poland. Krzysztof Meisingera from the band Capella Bydgostienesis accompanied the meeting with guitar songs.

During the meeting guests had a chance to enjoy traditional Polish foods like carp, bigos and pierogi. The meeting room was decorated in the Polish Christmas style. The event was also an occasion to make final remarks about the contribution of the Polish Department of Trade and Investment in 2014 and show gratitude for all people who cooperated with this department during the year. All the guests were given an apple, which was recently the top Polish export good.

Current Economic Relations between Germany and Poland

Poland is now Germany’s most important trade partner in the Eastern Europe. The trade turnover between Poland and Germany in 2013 reached a record level of EUR 71.5 bln, up by 3.8% from a year earlier as reported by the Polish Embassy in April 2014. Polish exports to Germany have doubled since joining the European Union in 2004 and a similar rate has been observed for German exports to Poland. Diplomats are paying attention to the increasing activity of Polish companies in the German economy. This also influences the banking movement between these two countries. Most of Poland’s international transactions in euros are carried out with Germany.


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