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The Captive Nightingale

Nadja Siegl's Haiku Photographic Interpretations

July 12th, 2017
Valentina Di Carlantonio, News from Berlin
2017_07_12 The Captive.jpg

This event will take place in Berlin starting on the 6th of July until the 6th of October in the rooms of Mori Ogai Memorial. It is a bilingual exhibition and it is waiting for many visitors also from abroad. Protagonist is Nadja Siegl, or it is better to say that her photos will be showed. The composition of the motifs is based on the strict requirements for the poetry of Haikus and tries to create his own language.

Nadja Siegl is a photographer, she was born in Heidenheim in Brenz. She has a diploma in Business. Starting from 2000, she had an intensive photographical part-time studio as artistic photographer, especially in Berlin. From 2002 to 2004 she had a photographic education to the Artistic Centre at Ruhr University “Photography and Focusing”.

The casual meeting with the Japanese band Haiku whose work is called “Moon sounds and full grasshopper” since 1956, it has inspired Nadja Siegl in a quiet and continuous and series of compositions, such as colourful photographs and red accents. This show represents aesthetic principles about short poems with their strict requirements, focusing on the nature and on the seasons which cross photographer’s eye connecting different cultures.

In Nadja’s opinion these pictures involve motivation and translation of ideas, this is what images should transmit. The paintings want to take up the essence of the type of poetry Haiku and, by means of a new interpretation, stand out clearly from classical illustration. Contents of the Haiku are re-imaged. To this end, red tempera is deliberately used in breaking-up fashion.

The embassy is keen on promoting this event to transmit teaching about different cultures through an artistic way. Visualizing and being feeling-involved can give to the people the best chances to get the knowledge about a different cultures.


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