The Bilateral Ties between Zambia and Germany

H.E. Anthony Mukwita and his thoughts on the Zambia-Germany relation

March 20th, 2020
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Berlin, Germany – Since Zambia’s independence the country has had a good and strong bilateral relationship with Germany. This last one has offered support to Zambia in different areas as education, health, governance and much more, all summed up in a beautiful amount of 1 billion US dollars. One of Zambia’s mission is to enhance the bilateral relations with Germany and other European countries. How is the relationship between the two countries now, and how does the situation looks in Zambia today? The Zambian Ambassador Anthony Mukwita shared his main thoughts in an interview with Diplomatishes Magazin.

Zambia and Germany’s diplomatic relations have been celebrated over 55 years now. Zambia is thereby one of Germany’s cooperation development countries. Germany’s support helped the country to improve in several projects in creating a better future for the country. Ambassador Anthony Mukwita expressed in the interview with Diplomatisches Magazin his gratitude for Germany’s generosity. He said the following one: “ I would like to take this opportunity to thank the German Federal Government for the 100 million euro cooperation in the field of renewable energies in the energy sector currently carried out by KFW banking group and for the more than one billion US dollars in investment aid provided by the Bundesrepublik for Zambia.” ( 

Zambia on its turn also wants to offer support to their big countries like Germany and the Slovak Republic, who are also the biggest players in the domain of manufacturing vehicles. Since climate change is playing a crucial role in the world of today, Zambia proposed to Germany to invest in the country where for example BMW could create electric cars since one of the materials, copper, is very present there. This cooperation will not only be beneficial for Germany, but it will also allow Zambia to provide more jobs for its people and to improve the Zambian economy. (Zambia Daily Mail) 

Ambassador Anthony Mukwita knows the importance of the bilateral relations between Zambia and Germany and while hoping for a successful continuation he said the following one: “Germany is a great reliable all-weather partner and we pray that we will continue these special warm relations in happy and challenging times.” (


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