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The Berlin Midsummer Festival

June 06th, 2014
Midsummer Festival.jpg

News from Berlin - The celebration of midsummer is a Scandinavian Pre-Christian tradition. It is held on the longest day of the year and is celebrated in tribute to the summer and the light that summer brings. Organisers invite the public to enjoy summer the ‘Scandinavian way’ with live music, traditional food and an array of games and activities. In contrast to the winter and its lack of light this festival is a good way to enjoy the highlight of summer time in Scandinavia.

As is tradition, there will during the festival be offered a variety of traditional food and beverages such as a range of different fish dishes accompanied with vodka, but also some more internationally inspired dishes such as Scandinavian style Kimchi as a celebration of the rich diversity of Scandinavian culture.

You will be able to try out some Scandinavian games that are traditionally a key component in the Midsummer Festival, for example paper chase and kubb (sometimes described as a combination between bowling and horseshoes).

Those involved will be able to make their own flower wreath to wear as you dance around the maypole. Summer inspired music by DJs and bands will also be provided.

The Berlin Midsummer Festival is hosted by the Urban Spree in June.

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