The beautiful Art of the Arabic Script Style

A different way to represent the Egyptian culture

March 13th, 2020
20200313_The beautiful Art.jpg

Berlin, Germany – On Tuesday 27 of February the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt invited Dr. Heba Nayel Barakat who held a lecture about the Arabic Script Style followed by an Arabic Calligraphy Exhibition made by Ms. Rasha Kassem. People from different ages were able to get an introduction in the Arabic script which is a very important part of the Egyptian culture. The insightful lecture and inspiring exhibition ended with a little reception where the participants had the opportunity to taste some typical Egyptian food.

Dr. Heba Nayel Barakat started her lecture with a tour through the alleys and streets of the historical city of Cairo. Through diverse images, she highlighted the epigraphic and calligraphic panels that are beautifully decorating the big city. She explained in which way calligraphy has influenced the city from the history till now and encouraged interested visitors to know more about it once they visit the city themselves. Dr. Heba Nayel Barakat continued her presentation by sharing how calligraphy art can be represented in the contemporary world today. Throughout the year calligraphy has developed and has created two co-existing styles. One of the two is the classical styles while the other is represented as the “art of letters” called HURUF, which is a way to make reading the Arabic language easier. Perfect for those who are willing to learn the beautiful language. 

Ms. Rasha Kassem (the lady on the picture) was the creator of the beautiful calligraphy panels that were displayed to the public after the lecture. She presented a collection with at least twenty-four panels, all hand-inscribed phrases in a unique way of a script. For her artworks, she used the classic style and added a personal decorative touch that showed and proved her passion and talent for this unique technique. During her exhibition, the visitors had the occasion to know the inspiration and the specific meaning behind every panel. Some of them had a more intense story than others, but the main purpose of this successful happening was to get other people and cultures to know more about the Egyptian culture and to one day experience it for themselves.

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