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The BASF’s Kids’ Lab Turkey project

Creating chemistry for a sustainable future

September 05th, 2018
Anna Dobek, News from Berlin

BASF contributes to a world that provides a viable future with improved quality of life for everyone. Based on the company's mission "We create chemistry for a sustainable future", BASF Turkey created a project called Kids' Lab. It is a global social responsibility program which aims to introduce primary school students to chemistry and science.

The project's events are free of charge, and each of them allows kids age 6-12 to conduct experiments under the supervision of private teachers, tutors, and assistants.  According to quality and safety standards, during experiments participants wear aprons and protective goggles. At the end of the event, the children receive certificates.

In 2012, BASF was awarded with the "Corporate Social Responsibility Societal Influence Applications Award" for the Kids' Lab project. The program also advanced to finals in the European Excellence Awards and the Sabre Awards which hosted awards for global public relations projects.

Although BASF Kids' Lab is free to attend, a booking ahead of time is required.  To take part in the project, every participant needs to register on the booking system. You can find a list of events for 2018 down below.
For more information on upcoming project organized by BASF and Kids’ Lab Turkey  be sure to follow them across the social media for all future announcements!


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