The Arise Grand Show in Berlin

A Stunning Display of Art and Culture

May 04th, 2023
Alexandre Antierens, News from Berlin
20230504_The Arise Grand Show in Berlin.jpg

The ARISE Grand Show is an awe-inspiring event in Berlin, showcasing the city's cultural vibrancy. Produced by The House of Dancing Water and directed by Es Devlin and Marco Balich, the show features music, dance, and visual art that celebrate human existence. The performances take place at the Theater am Potsdamer Platz, a state-of-the-art venue with a spacious stage and immersive sound system.

The show had its premiere on September 22, 2021, and has been captivating audiences ever since. It explores the themes of human bonding and self-discovery through a captivating narrative. It features exceptional choreography and acrobatics, complemented by advanced technology such as a giant LED screen for stunning visual effects. The ARISE Grand Show is a testament to the enduring appeal of art and culture, and a celebration of the human experience.

In summary, the ARISE Grand Show is a must-see for anyone seeking a cultural experience in Berlin. With its dazzling performances, seamless integration of technology, and inspiring message, it is a true masterpiece of art and entertainment. Don't miss the opportunity to witness this remarkable display of human creativity and connection.


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