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The Argentine Tango Seduces Berlin

October 21st, 2014
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News from Berlin - A production of Tanguera, a famous tango musical from the city of Buenos Aires by Maestro Daniel Barenboim, has returned to Berlin. Considered one of the most intricate and successful Tango Productions, the spectacle combines lighting design and stage projections with award-winning choreography and a 30-member dance ensemble. It will be hosted in Berlin, with the cooperation of the Embassy of Argentina, from October 21th to 27th.

Test Gustavo Tanguera has been described as “the most provocative and sensual spectacle since the birth of tango.” The production has managed to capture an enthusiastic audience all over the world. The famous tango-star Mora Godoy, along with the thirty-strong dance ensemble, tells the tale of this tango-musical with captivating virtuosity. It contains not only the historical development of the most erotic of all Latin American arts of seduction, the tango, but also a touching love story.

Furthermore, Tangera was first performed at Teatro El Nacional in Buenos Aires, where a range of successful shows in Argentina were been presented, and achieved many awards. Since then, Tangera has been performed in many venues and cities around the world with much success, spreading tango to new audiences and achieving critical acclaim.

Against the backdrop of Buenos Aires at the beginning of the 20th century, Tanguera tells the story of a beautiful immigrant, Giselle, from her arrival in the Argentine capital city to her success as dancer in the glittering world of cabaret. Seduced by the criminal Gaudencio, and loved by the brave dockworker Lorenzo, a vicious circle of love and passion, rivalry and enmity is established. Moreover, the story explores of the history of the tango itself, and its path through the different social classes.

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