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The Annual Festival Cinebrasil will focus on Diversity in 2018

Film festival serves as strong example of cultural diplomacy in action

January 03rd, 2018
Tereza Richterova, News from Berlin

As every year, Cinebrasil will present several movies across Germany, concentrating on showing diversity between Brasilian regions and strenghtening Germany-Brasil relations.

In the year of 2018 Cinebrasil Festival will take place in Berlin in order to celebrate film industry as expression of culture and exchange. The Festival will also focus on low budget movies, which promote and cooperation, diversity, German-Brasil relations and supporting of the main artists.

In the Babylon Cinema in Berlin, twelve Brazilian movies are going to be presented during the annual Cinebrasil festival. These motion pictures  do not meet the stereotypical expectations of the diversional country. The current focus of the festival is on German-Brazilian productions as well as films proving that excellent films can also be produced without a large budget.

This year's program also brought with documentary and feature films in various Brazilian areas and lifestyles. The creators invited the friends of Brazilian cinema on a journey through the most diverse regions of Brazil, such as Recife, Paraíba, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. All Movies are going to be shown in the original version with English or German subtitles.


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