The Ambassadors of South and North Korea, meet the united Handball Team

When sports diplomacy makes unification a reality

January 09th, 2019
Marlena Rafelt, News from Berlin

On January 3rd, 2019, Ambassadors Dr. Bumgoo Jong (Ambassador of South Korea to Germany) and Nam-Yong Pak (Ambassador of North Korea to Germany) welcomed the unified Korean handball team in Berlin. As a start to the New Year, the players, team staff, and the ambassadors meet and greet personally. Dr. Jong argues both Korean states need to show they are stronger together than apart and a unification of joint sports forces build the basis for further cultural cooperation.

Positive attitudes, so Jong, constitutes the possibility for peace. Pak shared the hope that the united team may succeed at the handball world cup of 2019. He further states that a success at the world cup would demonstrate Korean strength within the global arena.

Both ambassadors cross their fingers and wish the team good luck and continued to also take united pictures in front of the Korean Olympic winner Kee-Chung Son.


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