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The Afrika-Haus In Berlin

March 14th, 2014

In 1993, Oumar Diallo founded the Afrika-Haus (House of Africa). The goal was to build a bridge between cultures, a place where people can meet and exchange thoughts and ideas, as well as to provide political education. The organisation behind the House is called FaraFira e.V. FaraFina means ‘Africa’ in Malinka, a West African language. Rather than just referring to the continent, the term has the underlying meaning of a society of different ethnicities living harmoniously together.

The lectures, movie screenings and debates emphase African history, politics, literature and philosophy. However, these events are not limited to raising awareness about Africa’s history and current state of affairs; the Afrika-Haus covers basically all areas where African culture overlaps with German and European culture.

Apart from culture, there is also the economic aspect. African countries make up a large part of the developing world, so there is plenty to tell and discover in terms of investment opportunities, education, international aid and ways create a thriving, sustainable creative economy. These subjects are covered in the many lectures that can be attended at the Afrika Haus.

Various expositions constitute another important activity. These are usually organised by third parties, but the Afrika-Haus has its own exposition in which you get to experience the difference between black and white, light and dark. Both colours are often used symbolically and have different meanings in different cultures. The goal is to teach people the dangers of polarised thinking and the importance of dialog in society.

The Afrika-Haus is cultural diplomacy from the bottom up. Diplomats usually promote their countries and cultures at more prestigious events, but this organisation promotes intercultural relations by organising events involving people from different kinds of communities, such as artists and academics. This makes possible a dialog between people not only from different cultures, but from all strata in society.

For more information, click the link below (website in German):

Bochumer Straße 25
10555 Berlin (Tiergarten)
Tel.: 030 392 2010