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The 7th Edition of the Berlin Graphic Days

Experience the Creative Process in Berlin

February 09th, 2016

Berlin is a very lively and arty city in which there is always an event to go to during the weekends. During the weekend from 5th to 7th February, the Berlin Graphic Days took place. This event usually takes place twice a year, once in February and the other time in July. During the weekend the 7th edition took place at the Urban Spree Gallery.

The Berlin Graphic Days gathers people from all over the world, from visitors to artists. It started on Saturday 6th February with the Art Market from 13:00 till 22:00. At the Art Market illustrators, street artists and graphic artists created art work indoors and outside. After creating the art work, they display it and sell it to the visitors. It is a unique chance for the buyer, as they get to experience live how their purchase was produced and created. Different products were made during the festival, such as paintings, t-shirts and tote bags.

The Berlin Graphic Days includes an exhibition, market and festival. After all the creating and selling, it was time for a party. There were drinks and food and it was a good opportunity to enjoy a party in a creative atmosphere.

The event continued on Sunday the 7th of February, with the Art Market from 13:00 till 20:00. Following on from this, there was a closing party where different DJs were playing sets.

The 7th edition of the Berlin Graphic Days was again a very successful one and it is an excellent example of cultural responsibility in Berlin. People from across the globe were present. The 8th edition will be held in July for those who missed it.


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