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The 6 Phases of Moving to Berlin

If you are planning on moving to Berlin, then get ready for the next 6 phases, which are going to happen.

January 28th, 2015
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The hype surrounding Germany’s capital has existed for a long time. Every year hundreds of people move to Berlin for a new start. According to a recent report by the Huffington Post, while moving to Berlin may be easy, staying there is the hard part.

People have to learn to love Berlin – and this doesn’t happen automatically. To help with the transition, people planning to Berlin should be prepared for the next 6 phases.

The First Week - First you will need to learn that Berlin can sometimes be dirty and grungy. Ultimately, you’ll see that it belongs to the city and it is what gives it its charm. Berlin is not for cowards. If you want to live in a pretty city then Munich or Saint-Tropez would be a better choice. But then you’d miss all the exciting opportunities that Berlin has to offer!

The First Month – by now you’ve made some friends. There is no other city in Germany where it is so easy to meet new people. There are thousands of new people arriving in Berlin every day. That means its time to start going out and experiencing the Berlin nightlife. Soon you’ll feel like you’re back on Erasmus Semester!

The First 6 Months – by now you’ve realised you can’t just keep partying in Berlin. Eventually you’ll have to do something to pay the rent. Prices have unfortunately risen significant in recent years, meaning that the cost of living in Berlin is no longer dirt-cheap. Coming to Berlin to live the stereotypical artist lifestyle is not an option for most people nowadays, so most would say don’t even try.

The First Year – Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of the first year. You’ve outlasted many of your other compatriots and arguably you’ve survived the hardest part of the move. By now you’ll be getting the feeling of whether you’re suited to Berlin.

The First Three Years – If you’ve stayed in Berlin this long then you’re likely to stay forever. While the job market may not be amazing in Berlin at the moment, there are still many opportunities available if you know where to look. If you’ve learnt to deal with the speed at which this city lives and breathes then you have finally become a true “Berliner”.

Being a Berliner is all about your attitude. To live in Berlin you need tolerance and imperturbability to deal with all the weird and wonderful things that will be coming your way.

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20150128_The 6 Phases of Moving to Berlin.jpg

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