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The 53rd Anniversary of the African Union Foundation in Berlin

Helmut Gauges from KfW Development Bank, Praised the Decades of Positive Cooperation

June 23rd, 2016

The Federal Delegate of the High council of Benineses from the Outside Nazaire Tevi accepted our invitation, to answer our questions on the 25th of May 2016. The interview took place through Skype, where we had the chance to meet Mr. Ulrich Tevi and Mr. Savinien Dossou-Yovo. The two men live in Germany but dream of building their future in Benin. They told us about their projects and what they have learned from Germany.

According to the Ambassador, it is important to keep these potential opportunities in mind despite the stagnation of economic integration in Africa. After all, the process of integration took some time in Europe as well, he added. Frank Heinrich, member of the German Bundestag for the CDU/CSU, spoke out in favour of an economic renaissance in relations between Africa and the EU.

He claimed that cooperation was still being overshadowed by negative preconceptions by the European side. According to Mr. Heinrich, many people associate Africa with crises, hunger and conflict and fail to see the enormous economic opportunities that the continent harbours. He believes that Europe has to build up its presence on the African continent like that of other global players who already have a strong presence in the continent.

Elsewhere Electric Egypt was painted as a good example for entrepreneurial intervention. The Egyptian energy company, which was founded in 1938, has boasted impressive growth over the years. This shows that success stories are not only possible in Africa, but also more so than in other regions. The company now exports to more than 110 countries, including states in Europe.

A special dimension of this association, as well as optimism that they will have success in its work, is the fact that the idea of establishing this network has come from young and successful people.

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