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The 24th Evian Annual Meeting For French and German Companies

To Promote the Economic Cooperation in Between France and Germany, the French Ambassador in Germany and the German Ambassador to France Participated in the 24th Evian Annual Meeting

October 01st, 2015

The idea of an annual meeting for the most famous French and German enterprises firstly appeared in 1992. The action was taken by the Presidents Edzard Reuter (Daimler-Benz), Antoine Riboud (Danone), Marcus Bierich (Bosch) and Jean François-Poncet.

Since then, a conference has been held every year in order to give to the companies an occasion to discuss common issues and strengthen cooperation between themselves. The main aim of the conference, in which at least 40 managers participate from the two companies, is to identify a common strategy to be followed and implemented by all the companies in order to facilitate their cooperation.

The conference works as a “technical workshop” in which directors compare results, discuss strategies, and build important networks between themselves. Further, the conference is a great occasion to meet directors and presidents from many famous companies from both countries.

The meetings of French - German companies in Evian underline the efforts that both France and Germany are making in improving their economic cooperation relations, which are actually increasing a lot.

Looking at numbers, the cooperation in between the two countries has been very active all over the years. In 2013, French exports to Germany were roughly 16% and at least 1500 French companies have also headquarters in Germany, while the number of German companies placed in France is 2203. Therefore, they, with any doubts, contribute in increasing the occupation rate in both countries.

This intense cooperation definitely needs an institutional recognition. To achieve that, both Philippe Etienne, the French Ambassador to Germany, and Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, the German Ambassador to France, participated in the conference. Their presence at the conference underlines once again the commitment showed by France and Germany in strengthening their relations. This is definitely a good way to forget the controversies that affected these two European nations for so long during last century.


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