Taipei Representative Invites Diplomats to Experience Taiwanese ‘Calligraphy, Zen and Tea’ Culture

The ‘One Stroke Calligraphy, Zen and Tea Ceremony’ was held in Fo-Guang-Shan-Tempel in Berlin for cultural exchange

August 10th, 2016
Min-Ni Wu, News from Berlin

Taipei Representative Office in Germany held the “One Stroke Calligraphy, Zen and Tea Ceremony” in the evening of July 20th, aiming to introduce Taiwan’s religious culture to diplomats, officers, scholars and media in Germany. The event combined Taiwan’s multiple cultural contents, promoting cultural exchange.

During the 3-hour event held in English, Buddhist Master Miao-Yi, representing the Fo-Guang-Shan-Tempel in Berlin, interpreted the art exhibition ‘One Stroke Calligraphy’ of Master Hsing-Yun to the guests. Followed by the Tea Ceremony, the guests experienced the Buddhist meditation ‘Zen’ and enjoyed the Buddhist music performed by Masters and Taiwanese Flute Performer Yu Ma.

Agnes Hwa-Yue Chen, Taipei’s representative in Germany, showed the diverse religious activities as an important part of Taiwanese daily life, attempting to provide a better understanding of Taiwanese free and multicultural society.

For most of the guests, this was their first visit to a Buddhist Temple. The meditation room provided a calm atmosphere to experience the Buddhist ‘philosophy of life.’ After the event, Ambassador of South Sudan in Germany, H.E. Sitona Abdalla Osman, claimed her impressions to the press, stating that the meditation and the wisdom behind Master Hsing-Yun’s art works inspired her to gain peace of mind, after worrying about the civil war in South Sudan for days.

With more than 40 diplomats, officers, scholars and media participated, the event successfully shared the Taiwanese religious culture.


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