Swedish Comics Come to Nordic Embassies in Berlin

Promoting Swedish female artistic expression through the most popular way of modern novel- comics.

June 18th, 2019
Elena Belenova, News from Berlin
20190618_Swedish Comics.jpg

The Embassy of Sweden in Berlin, with the collaboration of the rest of the embassies which form the cooperation project of Nordic Embassies, organizes a massive Swedish comic exhibition “Sie Kommen”.

Serving as an exhibition hall for the promotion of the Swedish comic artists of the moment, the Swedish Embassy has launched an enormous program of reuniting the talent and the expression framed in a relatively new graphic novel style. Better known for its avant-guard techniques and it’s the advanced treatment of the modern society, Swedish comics seems to have it all: from the sharp satiric image of the social behavior up to the basic Swedish cultural traditions and cultural values, full of historical background and issues of current significance.

Another curious fact of this event is the role of the women in this exhibition. The work recollected and exposed is exclusively done by women, as the increase of women working in art and comic industry has grown considerably nowadays. Women writing about women heroes try to picture a society with equal rights and opportunities and their universal application, the values which the Swedish Embassy is strongly committed to. In order to mention some of the artists: Natalia Batista, Sara Bergmark Elfgren, Daria Bogdanska, Karin Gafvelin, Joanna Hellgren, Karl Johnsson, Lina Neidestam, Liv Strömquist and Li Österberg, all of them cartoonist who inspired this exhibition, which was curated by famous Jamil Mani with cooperation of Swedish Comic Association.


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