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Sustainability, the Role of Tchibo

Adjust coffee growers to be sensitive to their local Impact on climate

September 04th, 2018
Jannatul Ferdous, News from Berlin

Tchibo believes in sustainability and has been striving to become a 100% sustainable business since 2006. They firstly took several initiatives to emphasize flavor and taste, such as “Offering Prime Coffee Quality”.

Tchibo is committed to provide coffee farmers and their families with a permanent livelihood and in addition, through its initiative “Tchibo Joint Forces” strengthens entrepreneurial spirit in society both effectively and efficiently. Tchibo is also involved with the Rainforest Alliance, Fair-trade, and is a UTZ Certified organization and t implemented “4C Association Code of Conduct” to organize all the coffee growers and motivate people and teach them about the advantages of “Sustainable Coffee farming.”

Tchibo’s impressive initiative about “Coffee & Climate Initiative” to help coffee growers to cope with the changing environment and reduce the local climate impact of the industry.

As a result 40% of the coffee of the total collection of 2015 came from “Sustainable Cultivation”, and 30,000 coffee farmers have taken part of Training Courses of “Tchibo Joint Forces” in Central and South America, East Africa and Asia. Impressively, Tchibo presented sustainable coffee already from 2009 in Tchibo Coffee Bars.


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