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Sustainability in Focus as the Swedish Embassy Takes on Berlin Fashion Week

German and Swedish Fashion Associations in Discussions About Sustainable Fashion

January 21st, 2016
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During Berlin Fashion Week, designers and brands from all over the world are gathered in this important city for fashion. At the Swedish Embassy the theme of sustainability was in focus during the evening of January 18th. The Swedish embassy, together with Business Sweden, arranged an event under the name “Sustainable Swedish Fashion Evening” where a mixture of Swedish brands, German fashion agencies, German and Swedish fashion associations, market experts and buyers were present.

After some introductory words from H.E. Ambassador Lars Danielsson and Anna Nordström, Trade Commissioner of Sweden to Germany, representatives from the Swedish clothing brands H&M, Filippa K and Nudie talked about the fashion industry in relation to sustainability and the responsibility that comes with it. These brands all have stores in Berlin and are among the pioneers within the field of sustainable fashion. They are all working in different ways to make their products as long lasting and durable as possible and to minimize their ecological footprints.

The importance of the use of ecological and recyclable materials was a constant theme throughout the evening. On the Swedish fashion market there is a growing desire from customers to buy durable and sustainable fashion, emphasizing quality over quantity. The trend of sustainable and ecological fashion can also be found in Berlin as well as internationally. Berlin Fashion Week is a platform where fashion from all over the world is brought together and it therefore has the potential for creating dialogue and discussion, as well as to inspire. Even though sustainability is a relatively new concept within the fashion insustry, it’s starting to be reflected in the way fashion is created worldwide, which gives hope that progress can be made in this direction in the future.

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