Sultan’s Party Celebrated in Berlin

The magic of the orient comes to the Berlin for a day of festivities

August 14th, 2019
Frankie Fraser, News from Berlin
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This week the Sultan’s Party occurred in the Gärten Der Welt, which translates to Gardens of the World, and are situated in Blumberger Damm, Berlin. The gardens were transformed into an almost fantasy landscape, with the magical atmosphere of the Orient in abundance.

In this far-flung eastern corner of Berlin, the area was transformed into a festival of the orients rich cultural heritage. Rich colours, exotic scents and unique sounds bough the magic of the area to Berlin. It was if the attendees had been transported into The Thousand and One Nights, the legendary collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian folk tales that were published during the Islamic Golden Age. These tales trace their roots across Asia, featuring ancient stories from Arabic, Persian, Indian, Greek, Jewish and Turkish traditional literature. It provided an ideal opportunity for Berliners and tourists alike to enjoy a slice of the region without the need for a plane ticket.

There was a huge on display to those present, live music from the Persian band Fanous and numerous forms of dance. Not only were not only the traditional belly-dancers synonymous with the region by the dance ensemble Jumana but equally the opportunity to learn how to do the dance from the group. There were other customary dances on display. Dabke, a native Levantine dance initially performed by Jordanians before spreading to the Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians, which combines circle and line dancing. There was also sword dancing, a chain veil dance and a range of comedic dances. 

There was also the chance to stroll the gardens, which evoked the area through olive, palm and pomegranate trees. The sweet-scented gardens were the perfect chance to take a moment to relax following the excitement of the performances. The ‘Hall of Receptions’ featured a fortune teller informing the revellers of hopefully good news for times to come. There was also poetry and tales from the spinner of yarns El-Hakim. At the magical pavilion Carola, a Henna artist, artfully and skilfully decorated the skin of many with intricate and winding styles. Henna is a form of temporary body art, conducted through the staining of the skin using dyes, and has been used since antiquity. If you were after trinkets, ornaments and foodstuffs evoking the orient there were several stalls selling spices, teas and jewellery. 

If one was in need of sustenance there was an assembly of cuisines present from across the diverse area. From falafel to dumplings, from tabbouleh salad to shashlik, the food options ensured all were well catered for. 

The Sultans Party takes place annually at the gardens, with it usually taking place in the middle of august. If you are interested in experiencing this culture, you should out of the event in the coming year.


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