‘’Student Oscar goes to Laika Nemo’’

The stop-motion film "Laika Nemo," about an astronaut and a deep-sea diver, won one of the prizes in the "Animation" category. It was directed by Jan Gadermann and Sebastian Gadow

October 15th, 2022
Constantinos Georgiou, News from Berlin
20221015_Student Oscar.jpg

The film, which completely dispenses with language, is about growing up and overcoming exclusion, bullying and loneliness, it said. "In addition, it's about the exchange between foreign cultures, about tolerance, the fear of being different and about recognizing your own worries in others," explained Gadermann. "These issues are not only limited to our society but are also constantly topical on a global level."

In stop-motion, multiple still images of the same object are quickly played back in order to create moving images. It is an animation that is captured one frame at a time and features moving physical objects between frames is known as stop motion animation (also known as stop frame animation). The images in the sequence appear to be moving when played back quickly.

This marks the fourth time the trophy has been awarded to a graduation film from the film school. In the 49th student competition, ten films by new directors from around the world win. From 614 research institutions, 1,796 contributions were received this year. On the 20th of October, the winners will be honoured in Los Angeles. Because the order—gold, silver, or bronze—will only be revealed at the award ceremony, things for the three winners in each category will continue to be exciting until then.


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