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Strengthening German-Nigerian Relations through Artistic Dialogue and Cultural Exchange

The Goethe-Institute with the aid of the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin offers Nigerian young artists residency programs

August 22nd, 2016
Myron Kanter-Bax, News from Berlin

The "Artist's and curator's residency: Berlin-Lagos", a residency program for Nigerian young artists and curators, organized by the Goethe-Institute Nigeria in partnership with the Center for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U), the Cultural Office of Local Government of Wedding/Berlin and the SAVVY Contemporary e.V., is taking place for the second time in Berlin from the 1st August 2016 until 31st October 2016.

"Artist's and curator's residency: Berlin-Lagos" is a residency program for Nigerian young artists and prospective curators which aims at the strengthening of the German-Nigerian artistic dialogue and cultural exchange. It is a joint project co-organized by the Goethe-Institute Nigeria, the Center for Art and Urban Studies (ZK/U), the Cultural Office of Local Government of Wedding/Berlin and the SAVVY Contemporary e.V. with the valuable assistance of the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin. The residency sees itself as a platform for interdisciplinary artistic and curatorial activities dealing with the phenomenon of “the City” in an international perspective.

The program enables Nigerian young artists and curators, who deal with interdisciplinary theory and practice on the topic "City", to visit Berlin for a period of three months and live in the German capital. During their stay in Berlin the young Nigerian artists and curators receive substantial financial support as well as artistic and curatorial support and mentoring by working at the facilities of Wedding Gallery and SAVVY Contemporary e.V. where they have the opportunity to meet the contemporary European and German art scene and explore the current artistic trends of the western art. Furthermore, staying in Berlin provides a first class opportunity to the young artists who are benefiting from the program to network with stakeholders and artists and promote and display their artworks.

This year, the program will support Tito A-deremi-Ibitola, a promising 23-year-old artist from Lagos, Nigeria to travel and stay in Berlin for a three-month. Tito A-deremi-Ibitola studied at Allegheny College at the Department of Theatre in Pennsylvania, continuing her career at the Royal Shakespeare Company in UK. She works as an artist in the field of film and performances art and she is engaging with the topics of female identity, gender roles and racism and she has already to her credit a significant number of solo and group exhibitions in Nigeria and abroad.

The "Artist's and curator's residency: Berlin-Lagos" project aspires at its next stage to develop an exchange program for German young artists and curators to provide them with the opportunity to live and work in the Nigerian metropolis of Lagos.


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