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"Still Fukushima When The Evening Sun Rises"

June 13th, 2014
Theatre Play at Japanese Embassy.jpg

News from Berlin - This month,  there will be an event organized by the Japanese Embassy in Berlin. The event will present a new theatre piece created by Yoko Tawada of Lasenkan Theatre. It will be showcased in three different venues across Berlin in different time slots in June. The first one takes place on June 13th – 14th at 20:00 and June 15th at 19:30 in the Bread Factory, Caligari Platz 1. The next showcase will be on June 22th at 18:00 in the Workshop of Cultures, Wissmannstrasse 32 followed by the last performance in the final location on June 27th at 19:00 in ‘’Playing with eels’’ Urban strasse 32.

The theatre piece will be directed by Saburo Shimada and stars Kei Ichikawa Kana Torino, Franziska Pink and Kerstin Apel. The percussion is to be managed by the director as well, Samuro Shimada.

The Lasenkan Theater shows a piece with movement, dance, sound, voice and singing, among other things, accompanied by music, percussion and flute.

Every day, after each performance, there will be an opportunity for everybody present to engage in a public discussion with the performers.

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