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Steinmeier Releases Statement of Support for Turkish Mining Disaster

May 16th, 2014

News from Berlin - Minister of Foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier released a statement on Wednesday, May 14th in response to the recent mining disaster in Turkey. The latest reports estimate that over 200 people have died in the catastrophe in western Turkey. Steinmeier stated that he was “devastated at the terrible accident in the Turkish coal mine, which has claimed so many victims. My deepest sympathy goes to those who have lost loved ones, and all who have been injured have my best wishes for a speedy recovery”.

The Minister also said that his thoughts would be with the miners who were still trapped, although it is still unknown how many people are still stuck in the collapsed mines. The German Government sent out its greatest sympathies for the miners, and declared that they stand ready to help if Turkey should ask. Earlier this week, an explosion tore through a coal mine in Soma, Turkey, as over 700 workers prepared for a shift change. After fire cut off the electricity, hundreds of miners became trapped about 1.5 kilometers below the ground.

Over the past few decades, Germany and Turkey have developed strong bonds in economic, military, social and cultural relations. With the possible accession of Turkey to the European Union and the massive Turkish diaspora in Germany, the partnership has continued to grow in every way.

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