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Steinmeier Meets UN High Commissioner for Refugees

July 09th, 2014

News from Berlin - UN High Commissioner for Refugees Guterres met Germany’s Foreign Minister at the German Foreign Ministry headquarters in Berlin last Thursday to discuss the refugee situation in the Middle East and to open the Conference for German employees in International Organisations and European Institutions.

Steinmeier highlighted the importance of the meeting, as there are currently 50 million refugees in the world, a number that had not been reached since World War Two. The current situation in Syria, Iraq and Central Africa are indeed worrying, which gives even more importance to the World Refugee day on the 20th of June. Following their discussion concerning the world refugee situation Guterres and Steinmeier opened the 8th Conference for German employees in International Organisations and European Institutions. The Foreign Minister proudly said he is happy that the Conference is a little tradition after being held for the eighth time. It is also taking place during a special time, as the World Cup puts employees in International Organisations through different emotions as most of them support both their home and host country.

In company of his prominent guest, Steinmeier said Germany and Europe have to do more for refugees as the number of refugees is reaching historical highs. Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière and Steinmeier wrote a letter to the other 27 member states of the EU concerning this issue, asking them to accommodate more refugees. Guterres praised Germany’s work and said they were an important partner of the UNHCR as old crises are not being solved and new ones, such as the ones in Syria and Ukraine, are adding to the already complicated refugee situation, which is why the world needs to unite more than ever to show solidarity for those who are suffering from these conflicts and had to leave their homes.

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