StadtLesen: Where Urban Spaces and Literature Converge

A Literary Event Touring Across Europe

May 04th, 2023
Charlotte Renaudat, News from Berlin

StadtLesen beckons to those seeking a brief reprieve from quotidian life, offering a chance to immerse oneself in other worlds, minds, and thoughts. This unparalleled literary event has garnered enthusiastic audiences throughout German-speaking regions, providing a unique reading experience amidst bustling urban spaces.

"We aspire to demonstrate that reading can be truly delightful," shares Sebastian Mettler, the enterprising founder of StadtLesen and esteemed director of Salzburg's Innovation Workshop for Cultural Projects. What began humbly in 2009 as a simple gathering of nine Austrian twin cities has since grown into a magnificent touring spectacle spanning three European countries.

This Sunday, StadtLesen celebrates the joys of family reading, welcoming a diverse array of children's and young adult literature to grace its towering shelves. Parents are invited to read aloud, while young ones are encouraged to peruse and perambulate to their heart's content.

This open-air event is free and takes place in Bebelplatz, Berlin. You can join the numerous readers from the 4th of May at 9 AM to 7th of May.


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