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SPARK Design in Felleshus

A new exhibition from the Icelandic Embassy will be presented at the Felleshus.

January 28th, 2015
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SPARK Design has a new exhibition presented in conjunction with the Icelandic Embassy in Berlin. The exhibition will be presented at the Felleshus – the community house shared by all the Nordic Embassies in Berlin. The exhibition opens this Thursday, January 29th, 2015 and will run until April 10th, 2015.

SPARK Design is a cooperative project between the Icelandic Embassy and the Icelandic Design Centre. The exhibition will present four works related to graphic, product and architectural design.

The founder of SPARK, Sigríõur Sigurjónsdóttur, hopes to launch the career of the four artists being presented at the exhibition. He and the artists are looking forward to creating new friendships based around these design project as well as establishing discussions and potentially even new artistic design projects.

Sigríõur Rún’s project is entitled “Anatomy of Letters”. The project awakens seven letters of the alphabet to life. The Icelandic letters have all been given skeletons based on research of human and animal anatomies. For her presentation of the anatomical characters, Rún, uses a visual language that is usually reserved for scientific objects and facts to create a beautiful artistic work.

Siggi Eggertsson’s project is called “Skvís”. Eggertsson believes that there is a special connection between mind, vision and body and his project seeks to demonstrate this connection.

“Urban Shape” is the project from Paolo Gianfrancesco. The project is a series of maps that were designed by Gianfrancesco. His intention is to show a lively, modern interpretation of the classic city plan, focusing on the shape of the city and its communication patterns.

Finally, "Prik" is the work of Brynjar Sigurõarson. Sigurõarson has desgined a series of furniture without any specific function. The central theme of his work is if you take things, methods and materials away from their familiar surrounding and put them in a new environment whether that changes their function and meaning?

After each exhibition, the works are moved to a store where they can be purchased. SPARK Design store is now the first choice for Icelandic design.

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