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“Spanish Artists Performing in Berlin’s Streets”

The Spanish “Instituto Cervantes” of Berlin organizes unconventional artistic performances with “Let Me In Festival”

August 10th, 2017
David Schwengler, News from Berlin
2017_08_10 Spanish Artists Performing.jpg

It is a unique opportunity to witness artists from Spain but also from all around Europe, Canada and Brazil performing in the streets of Berlin. They will familiarize themselves to the urban environment during their performances. The festival includes dance choreographies, theatrical plays and music.

Each year, the festival picks one area of Berlin and transforms it into a performance tour during 3 evenings. 12 shows take place in 4 non-conventional spaces such as houses, shops, galleries or parks.  The mission of the festival is to bring people together in order to rediscover a street that they may know and change its perspective through an artistic and aesthetic experience. It aims to give the audience a different approach to Arts.

The audience members are guided through the locations to enjoy a full-evening performance. It is the occasion to experience a very intimate and, in some cases, interactive performance. The main idea of this festival is to not stick to a single place, but rather to travel through different streets of Berlin.

“Let Me In Festival” takes place from the 24th, 25th and 26th of August 2017. The starting point is in front the Instituto Cervantes (Rosenstrasse, 18, Berlin) every day at 8 pm. To be able to participate, you need to buy tickets via this webpage:


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