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World Renowned Spanish Band 'El Capricho de Rita' in Berlin

"Spanien Musik Berlin 2014" continues with great public success

October 28th, 2014
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On October 23rd, the Spanish Embassy in Berlin was graced with the presence of a new Spanish band "El Capricho de Rita", created in Berlin. The young band performed its first concert, which had a huge public success, as the capacity of the Embassy's auditorium was completely full.

"El Capricho de Rita" is another step in strengthening relations between Spain and Germany, which currently enjoy great proximity. The band, led by saxophonist Pedro Vera and singer Paloma Lirola focuses its themes on Andalusian songs.

During the concert at the Embassy, ​​the band made a nod to the Spanish writer Antonio Machado, interpreting his verses with elements of jazz, blues and even rhythms from Latin America. The audience (most of them from Germany) erupted in applause, stunned by the splendid combination of music and lyric styles. Not only for the reference to the Spanish poet Antonio Machado, but also the origin of the songs, the activity of "El Capricho de Rita" is a great enhancer of Spanish poetry. This concert formed part of the musical program "Spanien.Musik.Berlin.2014" organized by the Embassy of Spain in Germany, which aims to promote new Spanish artists who currently reside in the German country.

Within the framework of "Spanien.Musik.Berlin.2014" there will be more concerts: from the well-known singer Estrella Morente to the novel band "Bazaar Cassandra".

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