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Spandau Citadel Music Festival

August 12th, 2014
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News from Berlin – Every year Spandau hosts the Spandauer Citadel Music festival. A festival located in the ancient citadel of Berlin-Spandau, staging a series of different line-ups ranging from rock, pop to electronic music.

What is so special about the Spandau Citadel Music Festival, is that its all about the location. The festival is located in the Spandau District in the western Berlin outskirts in a German stronghold from the renaissance era. Through its architecture the stronghold generates a great atmosphere and many unforgettable moments for the international visitors and artists performing.

The Music Festival is an on-going festival over three months. This year its on from the 4th of June until the 30th of August 2014. The festival itself hosts a variety of artists from different musical background from all over the world. One has rising newcomers as well as international stars such as Lana Del Rey, Milky Chance, Eric Prydz and many more performing on stage.

Yet the Spandauer Citadel Music Festival is not only based on Music. There is much more to discover such as Modern Art exhibitions and Night Markets where one can buy artworks and fashion clothes of uprising artists.

The Spandauer festival is worth a visit for everybody searching for inspiration and some unforgettable moments in a breathtaking location.

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