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Space Film Festival in Berlin

The Ambassador of Russia in Berlin has given a speech to remind Russia’s contribution in space exploration and raise the cooperation between countries

July 01st, 2016

From June 1st to 5th the 2nd International Space Film Festival was held in Berlin. Scientists from different countries came together to inform the audience but also to exchange their knowledge. Nowadays, cooperation between countries for space exploration is more important than even. Even Russia, the country that sent the first satellite to space, attended the event.

The 2nd Space Film Festival has just taken place in Berlin. It included aerospace exhibitions, panel discussions with astronauts and experts, selected films and documentaries shows about space, with the aim to inform the audience and attract potential investors.

H.E Wladimir M. Grinin, ambassador of Russia to Germany, attended the event and reminded of Russia’s contribution in the field of space exploration. Russia’s tradition in space flights is highly regarded because of its pioneering accomplishments. Over its sixty years program, Russia has achieved, amongst others, to fly the first intercontinental ballistic missile (R-7), the first satellite (Sputnik-1), the first animal in Earth orbit (the dog Laika on Sputnik 2) and of course the first human in space.

Thanks to Russia’s accomplishments humanity can now enjoy enormous benefits. Distant space flights, data transmission, navigation systems and more accurate weather forecasts are now possible because of Russia’s investments in space exploration.

Now that the contest between USA and Russia for space supremacy has finished, and with budgets getting more and more constrained, cooperation between countries is vital, considering the advantages that discoveries in space exploration can bring to humanity as a whole.


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Vicky Milioti, Berlin Global