South African Embassy Hosts Freedom Day

South Africa’s 24th Freedom Day is celebrated with National Day Event

May 15th, 2018
Berlin Global, News from Berlin
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On April 27th, 2018 the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa in Berlin, Germany commemorated South Africa’s Freedom Day with a celebration event.

Freedom Day, always celebrated on the 27th of April each year commemorates South Africa’s first democratic election. South Africa’s first non-racial elections were first held in 1994 which ended voting racial oppression. The new democratic government which was ushered in by the voters and led by Nelson Mandela, was an important era in South African history. Today Freedom Day is celebrated in numerous ways.

In South Africa, the 27th  of April is always a day filled with celebration as thousands of people gather to celebrate the diversity of the country with music and dance. At the South African Embassy in Berlin, Germany, Freedom Day was commemorated with a National Day event. The event this year was dedicated to celebrating the birthday of Nelson Mandela as he would have celebrated his 100th birthday in July of 2018. The Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa, H.E. Ambassador PS Sizani, spoke in support of relations between Germany and South Africa at the event.

The event at the embassy also featured South African cuisine and performances by the choir of the Nelson Mandela School in Berlin and street musicians Qadasi and Maqhinga from South Africa. German companies whom have a presence in South Africa including Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, and Afrika Verein were at the event representing the Embassy’s partners and German companies which have a business presence in South Africa.


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