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South African Elections: Another Victory for the ANC

May 12th, 2014
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Photo courtesy of GCIS

News from Berlin - German-South African citizens residing in Berlin have already voted for the National elections in South Africa on April 30th. On May 7th the African National Congress (ANC) was re-elected. The current President of South Africa and of the ANC, Jacob Zuma, is to be confirmed by deputies to serve for another five-year term on May 21st. His party reached a global score of over 60%, but falling short of regaining a two-thirds majority. Compared to the 2009 elections, the ANC has observed a slight decline in its results, with the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) having managed to gain votes over it.

These elections are the reflection of some discontent rising towards President Zuma. One of the slogans that could be heard during the campaign was “Yes to the ANC, no to Zuma”. Indeed, although the African National Congress has ruled South Africa since 1994, symbolizing the end of apartheid and the new republican South Africa, Jacob Zuma brought some political scandals and economic discontent in his first election in 2009. His second term raises high expectations from South African citizens, particularly concerning the curtailing of violence and unemployment.

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