South African Ambassador to Austria delivered Closing Remarks during a Discussion on Nelson Mandela

The event reflected on three decades of change in post-Apartheid South Africa

May 23rd, 2024
Anita Marsiglia, News from Berlin
20240523 South African Ambassador.jpg

On 30 April, 2024, the Weltmuseum in Vienna hosted a discussion, book presentation and keynote speech on the transformations of South Africa after the end of Apartheid. South African Ambassador to Austria also participated in the discussion and delivered closing remarks.

To mark the thirtieth anniversary of the overcoming of apartheid through the first free elections in April 1994, the Forum analysed the political, social and cultural changes in South Africa. Has ethnic discrimination been abolished and have basic rights and freedoms been realised? Has a reduction in economic inequality been achieved? How did this development affect the arts?

First, Jonathan Fine, Director of the Weltmuseum in Vienna, and Birgit Reiter, Member of the Board of SADOCC (Southern Africa Documentation and Cooperation Centre) delivered a welcoming address. This was followed by the screening of a short film titled "Encounter Southern Africa" by Cape Town photographer Andy Mkosi.

Later, a panel and audience discussion commenced on the topic "South Africa 1994-2024: What has changed? What has not changed?” and was followed by two in-depth discussions: "Imaginary Futures - Dialogues with South African artists" and "South Africa - Lessons for species conservation".

Afterwards, the book "Free Nelson Mandela. History of the Anti-Apartheid Movement in Austria" was presented by Bernhard Bouzek, Anna Hable-Mayer, Johannes Dafinger and Inge Jäger.

In the evening, a welcoming address by Jonathan Fine, Director of the Weltmuseum Wien, Rapulane Sydney Molekane, South African Ambassador to Austria, and Birgit Reiter, Member of the Board of SADOCC was delivered. Finally, human rights expert Walter Suntinger made a keynote speech titled “Human rights lessons from the transformation of South Africa”.


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