Solidarity Celebration in Berlin

Promoting the good mood for reaching out to neighbor

August 02nd, 2019
Sabrina Crosta, News from Berlin
20190729_Solidarity Celebration in Berlin.jpg

On Saturday 27, 2019 the Berlin Alliance “Hand off Venezuela” together with several thousand people celebrated the anniversary of the assault to the Moncada barracks in Santiago de Cuba on 26 July 1953 at the Lichtenberger Parkaue in Berlin.

In remembrance of the starting point of the victorious Cuban Revolution, this year the “Solidarity celebration” hosted many young people beside friends of Cuba and former GDR ambassador to the socialist republic, Heinz Langer, and 91-year-old American journalist Victor Grossman (in the picture). The aim of event is the request of the end of sanctions against Venezuela and Cuba.

The Venezuela Embassy showed itself close to German and Venezuelan and Cuban citizenship, by manifesting the solidarity character, the "resistance" in the territory in favor of a more conscious and conscious way of life that does not exclude anyone. Even so, here in Berlin, a relentless indifference to others is resisted, planting the seed of "resistance" in the territory in favor of a more conscious and conscious problems and difficulties that worry other countries.


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