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Social Responsibility of the METRO AG

METRO AG emphasizes the importance of social engagement

September 05th, 2018
Maria Mochalova, News from Berlin
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METRO AG does not limit the emphasis of social responsibility within the company’s standard operating procedures, but also plays a significant role in the redistribution of food products and the reduction of food waste. Projects, supported by METRO AG, include the program “We Help”, where they are involved in and promote food bank donations all over the world, commercial initiatives and investment into the community.

In total, METRO AG, which is a German global wholesale and cash & carry group, donated more than 1,121,000 EUR to the charities in the year 2017, which is 300,000 EUR more compared to the previous year. Besides charitable donations, METRO AG also makes valuable community investments and supports commercial initiatives, where the total amount of money donated is almost 5,500,000 EUR.

One of the main charity projects supported by METRO AG is connected with hunger and redistribution of the food both on the national and international level. METRO AG is also committed to provide help for people in need, when the natural catastrophes take place.

METRO AG supports more than 900 food banks across Germany, including the long-lasting sponsorship one of the biggest volunteer food bank network Tafel Deutschland e.V, who fights against the waste of products and distributes the donated food in-between more than 1,5 million people in need, where the majority is composed by children and young people.

Parallel to their activities in Germany, METRO AG sponsors the European Federation of Food Banks and from the year 2016 is also a member of the United Nations World Food Program, where main goal is to decrease hunger in the developing countries. Nowadays, there are 16 countries supported by METRO AG, and in future METRO AG plans to increase the number to at least 17.

The other social project METRO AG contributes to is a special program called “We Help”, which was established in 2015 and provides up to 3,000 EUR to the employees of the company that volunteer to participate in the projects in order to help people (like hungry people? What people? Poor people?). Thus, METRO AG supports their employees in their volunteer actions outside of the company and already approved more than 150 volunteer applications this year.


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